Generation Define Yourself Competition


Be in the running to win a R25 00 SHF voucher and become the next face of our brand with the #shfdefineyourself campaign. Join the SHF generation with everyday personalities, like Bryce Henderson, an accomplished Cape Town architect. An extrovert who loves life, architecture and conquering life’s next big challenge, Bryce fully embodies the essence of SHF.

To stand a chance of winning, visit your nearest SHF Gallery and let the elegant sophistication of our latest on-trend creations spark your creative flair.

In 20 words or less compose a memorable caption for a picture of your favourite piece. Be witty or whimsical; poetic or philosophical  - there are no literary limits. Reveal your own unique style and personality in your caption before posting your photo to our social platforms with the hashtag #shfdefineyourself.

Terms and conditions apply.