The Unicorn Rainbow According to Likers of Chai Latte

The Unicorn Rainbow According to Likers of Chai Latte

I’m sure by now you’ve been inundated with trend forecasts for 2017 and colors that have carried on from last year. According to those in the know, that being, the creatives who solely decided, whilst sipping a shade too hot double skinny chai latte’s, that this year, the all decisive colour would be green – correct me if I’m wrong, but, last year saw shades of blush and coffee and we seem to rehash these in a brighter tone, are we really breaking boundaries? Personally, I don’t think so.

Let’s, for a second, be outstandingly different, let us use more than the hierarchies’ ideas and start formulating our own. With all the resolutions, you, and I myself have made this year, can we simply resolve to start going against the grain? To avoid mediocrity and dance on the line. Until recently, I was not fortuitous enough to have gandered through the floors of our galleries, but I’m glad I did. It was spectacular, awe-inspiring, it was different. I envisioned my home and how much I wanted it to be like those homes, the high-end ones in magazines and that are the central attraction for almost every episode of Top Billing since its inception some 20 odd years ago, but now, not so much. Now, I rebel.

As a young person with an old soul, my utmost desire is to be one of the cool kids, but logic, tells me to make investment choices, to buy the sand-toned sofa and the chocolate-hued plasma, surely this would be beneficial? My daughter cannot destroy it and crayon marks will blend in seamlessly, or so I had thought. Last night, on the floor, lay a slurry of mashed colors that brightened my world and made me believe, that even after Trump’s victory, everything would be alright.

So, I’ve conceded, that the double skinny chai latte drinkers were somewhat right, begrudgingly, that some color, some burst of spontaneity makes all the difference. We’re in a time of uncertainty, on the precipice of a new world and it surely is time to revert to childhood, with all the masses of colour that will flood into the doors of SHF, be brave and grab that peacock blue chair, or the cabinet with its white wash exterior and pop of happiness splattered inside. Buy something that makes you happy. Especially, if like me, you’re a little new to this and might be stuck with it for a while.

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