Tina Fuyana

Tina Fuyana

We are always on the look out for distinctive personal style to represent our brand in the #shfdefineyourself campaign. Tina Fuyana embodies exactly that! This stylish engineer knows exactly what she wants from life. We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Tina as the new face of our #shfdefineyourself campaign.

Tina defines herself as loving, caring and down to earth, in constant pursuit of happiness. With her larger than life personality and quirky character, she dazzles all those around her. Friends and family refer to her as “Gogo”, which translates to “granny” in Zulu, but there is nothing elderly about this African beauty. The endearing nickname refers to Tina’s warm and inviting personality. Beyond qualifying as an engineer, Tina firmly believes that being a mother is by far her most challenging yet most rewarding role.

When the lovely Tina is not cooking fabulous meals for her family or enjoying the outdoors, she loses herself in her dream world of interior décor apps, staying up to date with the latest trends and styles. Life is too short to be ordinary and that is why Tina’s philosophy is not to play by the rulebook of life.

“I figure everything out myself and there are definitely no written rules when it comes to marriage and parenting.” - Tina Fuyana

We spent a wonderful day with Tina at our headquarters in the KZN Midlands and at The Oyster Box in Umhlanga where we captured something of her pizazz and positive outlook on life, love and style. What a privilege it was to have her in front of our camera lens. Don’t miss the video of the day to get a sneak peak of what could be in store for you when you enter the #shfdefineyourself competition.

Are you ready for the luxe life? Find out how you could stand a chance to win an incredible R25 000 voucher and become one of our next #shfdefineyourself faces.


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