A Seasoned Professional

A Seasoned Professional

The chill is gone and slumpy business suits have been exchanged for frilly dresses. The Hilary Clinton's are shedding their wolves’ skin and emerging as Monica Lewinsky.

It's fast paced from here on forth, Christmas, or, to be politically correct, the holiday season approaches and red and gold and green may seem somewhat Rastafarian, but it brings with it a feeling. One of jubilation and renewal - soon, false goals of losing weight and other obnoxious resolutions will be about, but, for goodness sake. If we, cannot hold to the sanctity of making ourselves better, should we not grant that to our homes?

Let drunken wonder and frolicking be done in a space of beauty, leave the baggage of heavy laden blankets and frumpy kitsch-ness aside, just as you would that horrid relationship you've broken free from. Change is as good as a holiday, and however insurmountable it may be, a new scatter can do a world of good. Florals against the harsh backdrops of mars black, cocktails on the comfort of a lounger are what this season is for. Dive head first into the winds of escaping mediocrity - because you date to be more.

Make your living space more than an existence, make it fun. 2016 has been widely considered as one of the most trying years in the history of modern civilization. Let your hair down and let loose (cover chairs?), be bold, the options are limitless. Do not be emblazoned by boredom, not this season.

Stores are clearing their wares and not taking full advantage of that, is in itself, a tragedy, it is the mood swing of a beautiful woman, but instead of going against it, sway in motion and treat yourself, and your home, as if it's the last spring you'll ever see, and if you aren't, then what are you actually doing?

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