Bashful & The Brass

Bashful & The Brass

Gold dripped off her skin and fluttered in a brazen fashion as she came into view. Charlize Theron's return to the Huntsman, Winters War was not only dramatic but a moment of poetry. I'm certain men swooned at her shapely form and drooled at the luster that stripped from her flesh, many women must wish to be bathed in gold, although we've seen a fair amount of them being done so in audacious music videos (and certain passed event's with famous RnB singer, R.Kelly), there are better ways.

Our obsession with gold has been evident since the birth of Christ, shrines and art were made to show the status of power and wealth, statues coated in the sun colored metal dug deep from the earth. We die for this oddity of nature, kill for it and lie for it, but for a second, let's be honest, what is all the fuss? Brass has been around for essentially as long as it's AG counterpart, yet, we treat it like the weird cousin we're forced to spend time with at family gatherings. That kid is all grown up and I think it's okay if we associate ourselves with him, maybe it's time we are different and say I don't wanna be like all the other kids, with the fake gold. I wanna be that guy, strange and in the corner.

I'm sure you've gasped in horror, shocked that we're saying be bold, be brass. Brass is not for everyone and if you like the mediocrity of the mundane, then at this point, I implore you to stop reading. Leave, right now, go back to the sanctity of your dull home, and floral print curtains. This is for the brave. If you want to be more than the normal, then let's go, it's a journey of epic proportions.

Bright hues punching against matte blacks or making that brittle beige a little more lively. In a world of black and white, be brass, shine brightly and spark arguments of art. Simply because it is different, does not mean it must be excluded. Navy's, Blacks, Whites and even dark stained browns are only made better by the shimmer of a new statement piece. It can be terrifying at first, figuring where it fits in, and I would like to say that the beauty that is this ancient metal, is enough for it not to have to.

Brass is the bright red shoes on Dorothy, we like it yet don't know why it's the feeling of watching your high school bully beg you for a job or a piece of decadent chocolate cake at 3 in the morning. It is wrong, but so right. So take the leap, be the John Travolta in Grease, be the bad guy that's supposedly so bad, but really, just damn good. Be the person who breaks conventions, who is inconsiderate and does it with gusto, whose attitude is I like it because I'm awesome, I'm amazing, I'm ahead and right now I'm a brass-whole.


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