Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

The show Deal or No Deal has captivated audiences since its inception, spawning country relevant spin-offs that have seen many try their luck. Maybe, you’re like me and are not a fan of the favor given by Leprechauns handing out four leaf clovers in a splendor, if you’re like me, you want the best deal.

Bargain hunting is almost a professional sport, competitive prices and multistore shopping to ensure that we get what we want, at the price we want. So, in the fashion of the most basic of human needs, we find ourselves fighting hordes of people to get it before they do. Black Friday has probably spawned more violence than the latest Spur debacle, and even that does not deter us from shopping ‘til we drop, and, with this in mind, we should be glad that SHF (yes, that really amazing luxury furniture store that is better than other proclaimed better furniture stores) is having a SALE! Not just any sale, an End of Season Summer Clearance Sale, I know that may seem like a mouthful, or a lot to take in, but hey, up to 70% is a lot. Those numbers seem like really good odds to me, so, I’m calling deal.

Being a young newlywed, and on the cusp, of my second anniversary, I know the importance of a beautiful home and what better way than treating my wife to some well-deserved furniture? As you can imagine, my collection of home goods is sparse, but does it mean I shouldn’t shell out some cash for my home? Of course, not! This is my sanctum, an escape from the madness and more importantly, a place I can reconnect with my family after shutting down after a long day’s work, and as such, it should reflect that. Putting a little extra time into choices is great, but, getting an investment piece, something that will endure years of torment and retain its beauty, now that, is well worth fighting throngs of deal-hungry people for.

This perspective on the scope of good quality at better prices does not come often, nor do the sales that align themselves come often either. So, this year, I’m grabbing the bull by the horns and making the jump and getting myself a big piece of up to 70% off, and as fast as I act to getting my daughter a yogurt out of the fridge, I’ll probably be attending the sale a lot faster. With One Day Only cornering the market on quick deals, I revel in having four days’ worth to get my shopping under control and the extended trading hours mean I can squeeze in a visit after clocking out.

All in all, we’re a nation who enjoy spending but enjoy saving so much more, and with all the fallacies of a country such as ours, being able to take some good and bring it home with us, well, that is priceless. There may be a price on the sofa I want, the coffee table or the pedestal, but getting them for next to nothing might be as priceless as the look on my wife’s face when she sees the large delivery vehicle encroaching on our steps. Now that is a deal I cannot afford to not take.

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