Fabiana Hoy

Fabiana Hoy

Flawless beauty and timeless style – we are thrilled to introduce Fabiana Hoy as the new face of #shfdefineyourself. This creative and visual thinker, interior architect, décor stylist and entrepreneur, is the perfect embodiment of SHF’s new generation of style icons.

Fabiana’s vibrant personality has enchanted the interior design industry for over 20 years. For as long as she can recall, her biggest passion has been design. She studied it, lived it and taught it. Within the creative industry, she has collaborated interiors, products, fashion design and education – seeing the unseen opportunities and final product all at once. The beauty and confidence she exudes is from the inside out.

I believe that everything is possible if you have a dream. An idea for me is like a dream: a vision in your mind waiting to be made a reality. I am very lucky and grateful for this life of mine: imperfect, happy and extraordinary,” -  Fabiana Hoy.

Fabiana has stepped into the role of Academic Director of the Faculties of Interior Architecture, Interior Design and Product Design at the Toulouse Lautrec Design School and had the glorious opportunity to study in Lima and Milan where her extraordinary talent won her scholarships to gain experience in her field in Italy and Switzerland. This Peruvian beauty does not rest on her laurels, she fulfils the role of a wife and mother of two gorgeous boys, over and above creating absolute magic when it comes to interior design projects. Fabiana’s blog - “Living in Love & Style” is the true essence of her work, favourite interior design projects and personal experiences.

We were privileged to spend a day with this insightful entrepreneur and charismatic dreamer. Her personality and unique style captivated us and it was an amazing experience to have her in front of our camera and spend time with her over lunch. It is an honour to include Fabiana as one of our faces in the #shfdefineyourself campaign.

You could also stand a chance to win a R25 000 SHF voucher and join Fabiana as one of the faces of the SHF Generation. Follow the link to find out about our #shfdefineyourself campaigns and how you could become the next face of SHF. We can’t wait to receive your entries. 


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