Growth Point

Growth Point

South Africa is in a state of uprising, the #WhateverMustFall revolution has despatched itself into different iterations from petrol through to data and at this rate, I’m sure it is a matter of time before we find ourselves with #FurnitureMustFall, but this is not the topic, uprising is – the Oxford Dictionary definition states it as “rise to a standing or elevated position”, and with pronounced pride, I see it all around SHF.

Xolani, Calvin or by his government name, Tshwarelo, has been here much longer than I have. A lanky slender specimen, with a streak of bleach blonde accompanying his newest hairstyle which is always an alteration of the previous, a clean line cuts through his bristled hair and toothy grin. Xolani is a young man who began his career, I do not say career lightly, in the dying light of 2014. The studio assistant is well in control of his environment and although scant, can easily heft large pieces to a degree that makes me shameful of my minimal attempts at the gym. He has embodied the drive and passion of the brand with a deep knowledge of product and has pushed himself beyond the standard call of duty, unlike our local police services, insert awkward laughter here, the forward thinking and progressive youth is a direct reflection of what these stalwarts of universities should be.

An avid prankster, Xolani is not camera shy and besides working behind the people who work behind the lens, he can be found striking a pose and always ready to stand in for concept shoots. Xolani has worked his way up the ranks to have become a Studio Supervisor, the brick-walled area that produces the works you see would not run without him and everything tasked his way is done with the efficiency of a high-performance vehicle. He is what I consider a growth point, many have been transformed by the constant shuffle of SHF, and advancement is a necessity in today’s furniture, and business, industry for that matter. After a stint that might well have found him less a work place, but proved of him, an extremely intelligent and self-taught individual, it was time to groom him.

He sits across from me during his lunchtimes and although on leave, has come in without fail to further his knowledge. An initiative to provide him with in-house training has blossomed him into an image editor of note and I do not doubt that within the next few months, he will surpass me in this aspect, oh padawan, a Jedi of you make we shall, hmmm.

It is evident that there are great things a coming around these parts but our growth is only as good as those who we grow, the slim and tussled sproutling is now a rooted tree, soaring past expectations and chugging forth on pure desire and passion for SHF.

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