Hand Sourced from India

Hand Sourced from India

Across the universe was the climatic culmination of film and music that displayed the talent that was and remains the Beatles and although we may not have trekked past galaxies to visit another planet, the long flight to the east seems like an entire world away.

We take pride in our product, and venture on buying trips every few months to make sure that what you get is truly on trend, fresh and upbeat. India is a wholesome experience, it’s not just a land of milk and honey, but an essence filled with a serenity that is deeply rooted and representative of a spirituality that was captured in the pages of Eat, Pray, Love. The frantic emotion is tangible, chaos reigns and smog and dirt are a constant partner to the bustle of men touched by a pre-British colony, with buttoned shirts and slacks, contrasted by permeable colored turbans. There is a picture of a monk standing next to his brother, the maroon of his cloak shrouded by the billowing cigarette smoke, this is India. The toleration of mania with tranquillity.

Respect utters itself in every area of Jaipur, seated on corners with people who hold no malice and give freely of themselves, it’s almost as if you’re watching humanity before the apple had fallen. Loud honka honks and first come, first served are the rules of the road. Hagglers and homebodies are hospitable as they stand next to rust worn doors and stacked bicycle tyres, as a young boy sits barefoot, repairing his means of transport while his cargo mull about, looking for a drink of clean water. This is where industry meets society.

The expanse of the workshops we frequented were awe-inspiring, much like the vibrant people of India making it indelibly part of them. The rainbow of Saris of women sitting cross-legged, hand sanding furniture and chatting in their native tongue brought a genuineness that is lost in an area where machines outweigh man. The buildings are reflected in the hand carvings of a worker sitting attentively chipping away at the slab of sandstone. The age old tradition is carried across almost everything, from the salvaged woods to the intricate marbles, mimicking the lace windows and pristine lawns of the temples, inspiration runs fervent in these parts.

Old Britain has left it’s scars, the well kept MG sits in front of the hotel across the road from the luminous trucks, embroiled with stickers, fabrics and beads as a much too large cow attempts to make it’s way across to the other side of the road, ready to gnaw at grass that has shot up in vibrant jade. Men are dressed in formal attire contrasted by a turban, wrapped carefully atop their heads. The long side streets are indented like gutters and cracks holding treasures that have slipped away. Workers toil in small shops, bearing grins as they see foreigners parade by, eager to assist.

There is a slight clamminess to the air, the weather a reminder of the warm evenings in Durban, accompanied by a strong sense of community, work is done on a ground level, like the sharing of naan at dinner served on a low table, there is also a sense of change about. Old world values and traditions run rife, even with the growth of what was considered a wounded country, where family and community are at the core of its success. India will leave a mark on you, that does not easily wipe off, a culture that stains into your spirit and inspires greatness in it’s most simplistic form – from one another. It’s with this that we returned home, our journey never truly complete as we tend to bring our most treasured finds to you, so, keep your eyes open, as we bring you the things that have touched our hearts and captivated our imaginations and bring you a gallery closer to the far east.


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