(Image) Editor’s Note

(Image) Editor’s Note

So, and in starting this sentence with that word, I do understand that the grammar Nazi’s are already calling for my head on the stake, yet, I will continue. This blog, for all intensive purposes, is a candid and occasionally somewhat bias view of SHF from a young millennial (pictured on the right). There will be insight, advice, and a flurry of emotions, as is expected with the temperament of a growing brand. I began my career at this living machine last year June, so I’m relatively new, yet, much like the impending trends, I have progressed and changed, beginning as a standard copy and paste-er, or re-toucher to those not in the design business, I had a deep look into the process of how and what we produce, not only into it’s bustling into the foothalls of homes, but the people behind the people.

The factories are a bustling metropolis (and not that of which Clark Kent finds his abode), there’s a tangible vibe all around and it’s hard not to find it infectious, it’s the feeling of City of Gold in the valleys of the Meander. Suppliers crawl into the bespoke Design Marketing Quarters, where we, the spoilt kids of Sutherlands reside, and gawk in awe and shock. Walls plastered with concepts, textures and colours alongside the industrial chicness that is prominent in the company, a small group of people, running on the bleating of goats and copious amounts of caffeine, huddled around their pod working tediously, to let you, yes YOU, now reading this, experience the vision that drives us to push the boundaries of what furniture really is, and give you a view of the Midlands that is rarely seen, far from the vestibules of coffee stores and the prominent Nelson Mandela capture site.

I hope that these splurbs, stories, tales, and tutorials give you a semblance of who SHF is. We are more than a brand. We are a dedicated family of creatives, of craftsman, and to the naysayers who thought us the underdog, do not be alarmed that we are taking the industry by storm, to those, who believed there is no right way, we say vehemently, that we do things our way, and if you take the leap, you can do thing’s a better way, a brutally honest way that defies the conventional norms, the SHF way.


A bit pretentious of you don't you think?
by Keanon on 20th Jan 2017 15:08pm

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