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Kelly Higgs

Kelly Higgs

Sophistication, style and artistry – that’s what our brand is all about. So, when we look for perfect ambassadors to be the face of our stunning household name, these characteristics are exactly what we aim to find. You can imagine then how delighted we are to introduce to you to our next #shfdefineyourself ambassador -  Kelly Higgs, one of South Africa’s most accomplished botanical artists. 

Kelly’s detailed floral watercolours have graced international exhibitions, and now she will be adding her distinctive style and eye for enchanting beauty to our brand. From an early age, Kelly found herself completely fascinated by all things floral. She went on to study Graphic Design, and soon after graduating she launched a solo exhibition of her original oil paintings in Johannesburg. The event was a sell-out, and in 2004 Kelly’s work was accepted into the highly acclaimed Lucy B. Campbell Gallery in Kensington in London, where it continues to attract eager buyers. 
Like us, Kelly has a passion for all that is fresh and decorative. She brings a classical approach to a modern age, which made the exclusive luxe day she spent with us even more colourful and memorable. Just like her distinctive botanical paintings which are bathed in colour and light, and which have won admirers around the world for their vibrancy and composition, her sparkling personality dazzled us. What a pleasure working with someone who is adored by the camera lens! Click here for a sneak peek of Kelly’s photoshoot.
Learning more about this wonderfully creative woman over a delectable lunch was an absolute treat. We are so excited to welcome Kelly to the #shfdefineyourself hall of fame!
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