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My Friend Kuzco

My Friend Kuzco

I’ve never had a pet, well, to be fair, not a furry one. I’ve had a goldfish, who would be replaced on a weekly basis due to the previous one drowning (Yes, I do know fish cannot drown, but tell that to a young boy who sees Nemo floating on his back).
Working in the Midlands has provided an interesting animal culture; it feels as if I’m forever on a rural Safari and have no clue what I’ll encounter next. The cows that graze on the lawns of the business estate are a reminder that one day, that same dough-eyed bovine will be turned into supple leather; it’s beautiful in a way, a continuous process of life, death, and style.
The odd trip along the roads of Howick reveal much, chickens cluck freely before contorting into shrieking terror as the neighborhood mutt leaps playfully at them. Birds are a common occurrence in our office and can flutter about with a modicum of safety before escaping into the blue yonder of the open skies.
A few colleagues have adopted felines that have gone stray and lost themselves in the corners of our Distribution Centre, giving them a suitable home and naming them after their favourite pieces – on this note, I would like to mention Charles Sutherland, the small Boston Terrier that bolsters around knowing that his daddy is the boss, and therefore, he has license to bite whoever’s ankles he wishes – although, there are multitudes of fauna around, there is one who is quite dear to my heart, my friend Kuzco.

There are plenty of goats milling about on the fields below our warehouse and more often than not, a heard of them can be found, attentively mowing the grass for us. The browns and whites and black textures of their fur have always reminded me of our Nguni products for some reason, contrasted by the green Ivy leaves as they munch with their kids. More so than any of the cows who have set their hoofs around here.
Kuzco has become the unofficial mascot of SHF, his eyes shine brightly and the gnawing motion of his jaw and buck teeth were something that caught my attention as he humbly ate his morning breakfast as I pranced to the canteen for my morning cup of joe. On a few occasions, I’d see Kuzco, bleating a hello to my quick salute. He became an icon of sorts and although I haven’t seen him for awhile, I do believe that he’s doing just fine.
I suppose, the relevance of Kuzco is that SHF is inspired by the simple beauties that are fraught all around these hills and roads, I believe that an animal, much like my friend Kuzco had inspired the revolutionary celebration of South African heritage that is the Nguni styled products, so if you ever find yourself in our neck of the woods, pop into SHF and see if you can see my friend Kuzco.

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