Noxi Ntshaba

Noxi Ntshaba

There simply isn’t another Noxi Ntshaba. Elegant, bright and empowered, our ambassador for April shares a pared down uncomplicated style with SHF’s uncluttered aesthetic. Noxi oozes authenticity and an infectious sense of adventure. We’re proud to welcome her to the #shfdefineyourself hall of fame.

Equally at home in the jungles of Ciudad Perdida and the corridors of the United Nations buildings in New York, Noxi let her hair down with us at the world famous Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse at the foot of the majestic Drakensburg.

Regal and dignified, yet seamlessly unostentatious and down to earth, Noxi embodies a very distinctive African style.

For SHF, having Noxi represent us for a month with a good spirit, gorgeous smile and genuine warmth has elevated the sophistication and style that we love to represent. Stand a chance of becoming the new face of the #shfdefineyourself campaign and winning a luxurious day along with a R25 000 SHF voucher.

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