Olivia Hean

Olivia Hean

When Olivia Hean shared her definition of great taste with us, we knew that we had found the ideal new face for our #shfdefineyourself campaign. Olivia chooses style over fashion every time. At SHF we’ve always known that fashions come and go, and that style is timeless.

Olivia’s passion for creativity and colour was the spark that ignited her bold entrepreneurial venture in 2006. The project became a labour of love which she built from the ground up, something which resonated with SHF’s origins and ethos. Balancing work with her other great passion, her family, Olivia is totally committed to living in the now.

We spent a fun filled day of laughs and luxury with Olivia at the SHF headquarters in the Midlands and at the world famous Karkloof Safari Spa. Getting to know the person behind the modest smile of #shfdefineyourself’s newest ambassador was a great privilege.
You could be next to win a R 25 000 SHF voucher and become the next face of the #shfdefineyourself generation!


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