Throughout all the years in school, we have spent, and all the lessons we have, or have not, learned, the basis for all instruction was a simple one, research. I do not believe that we go out into the world blindly without having being informed or educating ourselves to a degree that we feel comfortable.

If you’ve read any of the previous pieces, you would understand and see the strong emphasis on which the company places on inter personal and staff development but in all honesty, the chances of you being on this website for anything that is not purely related to beautiful furniture is rather slim and if you’ve sneaked on here while your significant other is singing the newest pop hit in the shower, our lips are sealed, shhh. So, I won’t pussyfoot and get to the crux of the matter. Consider this your research on our development.

The walls are plastered with a collage of images and ideas, intricate items next to mundane with scribbles depicting what the merger of these would create and how our depth of input correlates to the trendy items you want to scatter amongst your home. All this takes a level of commitment and interest in creating the exceptional. The electricity of creativity is in the air and like-minded individuals who thirst for a vision to quench the mundane.

I’ve had the privilege of watching a chair being born from a scraggly piece of paper, a basic idea and a few like-minded individuals to make a success of a dream. That chair? Well, it’s a favorite amongst almost everyone, the Stockholm. Stockholm syndrome has swept through and we are finding these being bought at an astonishing rate – my first encounter with this magnificent throne was at Decorex. My ginger walk through the expanse of designer goods was halted by that petrol blue seat, it was like seeing a classic Ferrari 340 Spyder for the first time. It sat low on it’s stilted metal legs and armless physique, “Damn, that’s a sexy piece of cushioning” I thought to myself before plunking my bony structure onto it and falling in love, oh, it had grown and was almost surreal seeing it in the living flesh.

Metal workers and upholsterers had sat together to make this chair, samples would be brought in on the regular and like a musician tweaking a masterpiece, adjustments were made, legs shortened, cushions fluffed – it all seemed rather tedious and unnecessary to me at the time, but in retrospect, how did Enzo create one of the world's greatest supercars? By not accepting okay. The Stockholm was not okay, it was more than okay.

After witnessing what will forego as my personal favourite and all the variants it has emerged as, I’m glad and can confidently know, that one day, when I do buy my own, that I’ll not just be receiving a product, but a representation of an idea, dedication, and passion, hours of research and development and a few people who said, okay is not good enough, nor will it ever be good enough.

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