Seasons, Holidays & Furniture

Seasons, Holidays & Furniture

The year has ground to a slow halt after the blitz of the last 11 months. We look to the calendar in anticipation of a well-deserved break after what most claim to be the hardest year in the history of mankind. The tumultuous year, filled with victories and pitfalls for most has grown us substantially, and I would be hard-pressed not to agree that the same is applicable to SHF. This was an eventful few months.

Many faces have left and more have come, the growth of a burgeoning company and ideal, has rocketed to lending SHF to become a household name. We are more than merely metal and wood and have shown soul in a time when humanity seems to have forgotten what that truly is. We've crafted change, and not just within the ranks of the products that part from the hands of workers that have given more passion than sweat and tears to give to the customer, you, pieces of furniture, and in turn, pieces of the very fiber we are made of, things we love.

The upcoming of family business to commercial underdog story has wrought us to a committed and relevant approach to becoming an integral part of your home. So, as the roads find themselves having more traffic, the malls having more patrons and the tree, more gifts, SHF wishes you a prosperous festive season. The soaring heights of this brand is only thanks to you. Keep your eyes peeled as we bring more on trend items and a few surprises in the coming months.

May this season be as good to you, as you have been to us. We look forward to greeting you with a smile and the burning desire for you to join us in our journey as you visit our home, so that we may become a part of yours.

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