Taz Sithole

Taz Sithole


Luxury, indulgence and style – these are a few of SHF’s favourite things. Stunning craftmanship and on-trend design need more than hard work and creativity – they need a unique face to represent the luxe life.

A few months ago, we set out on a journey to find the perfect SHF ambassador to be the face of our brand for the month of September, and what an absolute delight it was taking our first winner, Taz Sithole, on her glamorous #shfdefineyourself journey.

Taz Sithole has a Master’s degree in corporate law, an MBA and is a PhD candidate in luxury branding. As a lifestyle blogger she enjoys writing about all things beautiful in her blog “HerLuxuriousAfrica”. And in spite of her busy lifestyle she has somehow found the perfect balance between work and the biggest career of all – being a mum!  We treated Taz to a day fit for royalty in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. A Range Rover Evoque awaited her at the airport before whisking her off to a professional photoshoot at SHF’s head quaters for our new SHF define yourself campaign. Make-up, the latest fashion and, of course, gorgeous furniture set the tone for the day, followed by a delicious lunch at historic Hartford House where our SHF ambassador dined to her heart’s delight.

We simply don’t believe in work, eat and run so we had one last surprise in store for Taz – we sent her off to get a well-deserved spa-treatment after a day of posing in high heels. And then it was time for her to jet home after a magical experience. Follow Taz Sithole’s journey to get an idea of what could be in store for you when you enter the SHF define yourself competition.

It was both a pleasure and an honour to have Taz Sithole as our September face of #shfdefineyourself. Does this sound like the kind of luxe life you could get used to? Win a R25 000 SHF voucher and become the face of our brand for a month. Follow the link for all the details.

Go on, define yourself with SHF!


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