The Life of a Lounge

The Life of a Lounge

My bed currently sits on my living room floor, the tiles are a palm print away and I desperately miss my sofa. The round-armed, cocoa brown dark leather suite has been sent for repairs after undergoing a few years of considerable use. The room feels large and disjointed and the only person who is enjoying this is my 15-month-old daughter. I feel somewhat ashamed, for all the times I've taken the 3 div sofa, which I've claimed as solely mine, for granted, it's times such as these that I've come to the understanding that that bulky, vintage styled fabric piece of perpetual paradise, is inherently part of not only my home, but also my family.

I doubt there is anyone who doesn't have an embarrassing childhood photograph of them perched on their parents’ sofa, the prized possession of every living area, hair bushy and eyes filled with wonder, a toothless grin whilst cuddled up against a sibling. Sofas are undeniably an avid part of most homes. I remember vividly using my best friends black leather 2 div as a fort, the scatters piled precariously as an escape route as we fought our way through the armed Lego forces, to make our way back to the large screen, long before Charlie Brown slips on another banana peel.

It should be a given that something as vital as a framed seat with foam and a fabric, should be a good one. It's comparable to a good watch or an authentic Burberry trench coat. It may cost a little more, but it will last a lifetime. My childhood lounge suite was the atypical set, carved wood arms and boxed shape wooden legs, deep buttoned cushions and an insipid shade of magenta. I grew up with it, family discussions, homework, movie time and new girlfriends sat on that couch, it's played bed and been a bumpy landscape for my Hercules action figure to traverse. It was 22 years before it was replaced, so spend the money and you'll be rewarded with not only long lasting comfort but a lifetime of memories.

Your sofa should reflect you and your style, not only should it match your home but be able to grow with the changes that your living space might endure. Neutral palates are a good choice as they blend seamlessly with design changes and can be accentuated with various on trend scatters. Technoguard is a must, and is by far the best way for you to avoid your Monterey Peyote sofa being stained a rainbow of crayons and Smarties smears. Leathers in vintage colors and styles work well in most settings. For the younger, cool kids, a slim arm in grey leather with a metal leg, like the Coleford, will go a long way. It’s a statement piece and can integrate into any modern home and in time will assimilate itself into the fashionable creations that are constantly being introduced into the designer industry.

Make your sofa the icon of the area, it is so much more than a place to rest your derriere, it will be Michelangelo’s David, even as walls are broken down and rebuilt and change from their Summer to Winter wears, it's the piece that will be synonymous with your living area, no matter where that may be. Sofas have an identity of their own, but it is you that defines it.

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